About the Center

The American Studies Center at Shanghai University is a partnership between the University of Kentucky and Shanghai University in China to establish intercultural understanding. Like the Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky, the American Studies Center seeks to foster an ongoing exchange of ideas, culture, history, and art. Through symposia, student and faculty exchanges, and other related events, the American Studies Center at Shanghai University will bring a unique American perspective to Shanghai. The goal of the Center is to promote mutual understanding of the pluralism of American culture and experience. UK will share American experiences not commonly shared outside the U.S. - stories of ordinary people in their own words, plays, and songs - and will highlight the rich cultural heritage of the American Southeast and the Appalachian region. 

The American Studies Center is funded by a generous $100k grant from the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U. S. Embassy in Beijing, China.

Mark Kornbluh, Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky, serves as the Executive Director.

Anna Brzyski , Associate Dean and Professor of Art History. Director of American Studies at the University of Kentucky, serves as the Director of the Center.

Dr. Limin Dong, Executive Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Shanghai University serves as Executive Director of the Project at Shanghai University.